The Ugly Truth

Warning * Beware of Future Collision LLC * They will Scam you * Warning Do not Trust Jeniffer Diaz or Jonathan Diaz or Gabriel Diaz * Located at 2209 SW 57th Way, West Park, FL 33023 * Bad Reviews * Bad Service * Unethical * Immoral * Thieves * Liars * Con Artists * Scammers * Generally Horrible People * Corrupt * Future Collision has AWFUL business practices * You have been Warned * Do not leave your car at Future Collision LLC * Located off of 441 just south of Pembroke Road * Evil Money Grubbing Scum * They WILL screw you over *

Future Collision, LLC. located at 2209 SW 57th Way, West Park, FL 33023 is run by lairs, scammers and thieves.  Beware of their tactics, they know how to sell you a big load of garbage. If you are thinking of bringing them your car DONT. Your better off parking your car with the windows down in the worst part of town and leaving the keys on the dashboard. At least you’ll know what your in for, Future Collision LLC will promise the world and then screw you over so hard the room will be spinning.

Jeniffer Diaz, Jonathan Diaz and Gabriel Diaz opened Future Collision LLC at the end of 2014. For new business owners they sure know the in’s and out’s of how to separate people from their hard earned money. They will hold your car hostage until you pay whatever ridiculous fees they can imagine. Your required to sign a release when you drop your car off so that they are not liable or responsible for your vehicle in anyway. It wouldn’t be so bad if your vehicle was actually safe, but they don’t even lock their gates! As seen in these pictures
Locked GateUnlocked Gate 2








The pictures above were taken on a Saturday, keep in mind they are closed on the weekend! Your vehicle will sit in a lot with a gate that has chains and locks but isn’t chained or locked!

Was your car dropped off on a Friday? Good luck. Future Collision LLC do not open Saturday or Sunday and even though they claim their hours are 8am-4pm they don’t get there until they feel like it. If your lucky maybe they will roll in by 8:30-9:00am, after all its not like your time has any value to them, other then what they can charge you for. Beware – they are very creative and can imagine fees and more fees and more fees. By the time they have added it all up you’ll question how this insanely unethical unscrupulous company stays in business.


Put on your seat belt and hold on for dear life, because Future Collision LLC is going to take you for the ride of a lifetime. Once their down sucking you dry they will drag their feet in releasing your vehicle and trip over themselves making it as difficult as possible to be on your way. Future Collision LLC is bad news – If you see them, RUN the other way!


Located off 441 just south of Pembroke Road, Future Collision, LLC. is located at 2209 SW 57th Way, West Park, FL 33023 where Champion Collision & Refinishing Center used to be. Judging by their horrible business practices hopefully they will close their doors sooner then later. They are very BAD people and you should NOT do business with them.




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